Anyone who knows Kyle Sandilands knows that he had a pretty rough childhood and didn’t really have the best relationship with his parents.

Or at least we thought that they did because it really is the one topic that Kyle just never stops talking about.

But it seems that one person who certainly didn’t know about Kyle’s dad, who he mentions is dead any chance that he gets, and mum, who he constantly claims dislikes him, is Hailee Seinfeld.

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That is she didn’t know about it until this morning when she joined Kyle and Jackie O for a Zoom chat and was left absolutely speechless by Kyle’s brazen mention of his parents.

Hailee was telling Kyle and Jackie O about her plans to release a whole new body of music pretty soon when Kyle asked her whose opinion she trusts the most when it comes to her songs.


“I would say my parents,” Hailee said. “I really go for them for just about anything and everything.”

“Oh I wish I could do that,” Kyle replied.

“What’s up?” Hailee asked.

“I wish I could do that but my dad’s dead and my mum doesn’t like me,” Kyle said plainly.

While most Kyle and Jackie O fans know that this is a frequent comment from Kyle, Hailee was left completely stumped and had no idea how to respond.

And all the while Jackie just couldn’t hold back her laughter.


“Oh. Well, I’m sad to hear that,” Hailee eventually got out.

“Well my parents kicked me out when I was 15 and I think they were like, ‘Oh he was a mistake’, get out, threw me in the street, I was homeless for a year so,” Kyle rattled off.

“Oh here we go,” Jackie said knowingly as Kyle continued to try and get sympathy.

“I’ve just struggled through life and you know, no wonder people think ‘Oh he’s a bit rough around the edges. He swears and he carries on and says inappropriate things’, but hey, I’m alive. That’s the main thing right,” Kyle continued.

“You’re alive,” Hailee repeated followed by a LONG silence.

“Yep well, it must be nice to have parents. Especially cool enough to know, ‘Yeah that song’s cool’,” Kyle said.


“Wow heavy,” Hailee replied.

“Oh don’t worry I do it on purpose. I tell everyone but yeah dad is dead and mum does hate me but still, whatever, I’m killing it anyway so I don’t care,” Kyle added. “But hey, it’s not like I bring it up with every single celebrity that comes on the show.”

“Poor Hailee doesn’t know what to say at this point!” laughed Jackie. “She’s like, ‘This is the weirdest interview I’ve ever done!”

And look, things just kept getting more and more awkward from there, if that’s even possible!

Kyle, when will you learn, not every single celebrity wants to hear about your childhood issues! At least it’s not likely that Hailee will forget about this interview anytime soon…

Hear the whole chat with Hailee Seinfeld for yourself in the podcast below!