You know what we find kind of funny, before isolation all Kyle really wanted to do was stay at home, sit on his couch and watch reruns of his favourite shows.

But now that we’re in isolation and literally everyone else is at home doing this exact same thing, Kyle’s suddenly going stir crazy and wanting to keep himself busy.

Good on him though! There really isn’t a better time to take on a new project or learn a new skill with all this time on our hands. And so Kyle decided to spend his time learning not just one but THREE new skills!

After a few weeks of various lessons, he debuted his new skills live on air this morning for Jackie. And you know what, he ain’t half bad!

First up, Kyle decided that he was going to learn a new language and so he’s been taking some lessons in Spanish!

“You know how I’m in the US a lot? Everyone over there knows pretty much how to, at least understand Spanish,” Kyle explained. “And my housekeeper is Spanish and my groundskeepers are Spanish and it’s very hard to communicate with them.”

Of course, he’s not just learning to say “hello” or “how are you today?”. Kyle’s phrases are much more, well, Kyle. Otherwise, would he ever really remember them? “


For example, the first phrase that Kyle demonstrated to us in Spanish this morning was, “Good morning, my name is Kyle and I’m very rich” followed by “I love eating Buenos. I have at least five a day” and of course, let’s not forget Kyle’s favourite, “Jackie must be eating lots at home. She looks like a boombalada”.

Oh Kyle… Even in Spanish he’s being cheeky! But as for his pronunciation of the phrases in another language, we have to say we were pretty impressed after just four weeks of lessons!

Moving onto skill number two, Kyle has learnt how to play the piano! Now, he’s no Elton John or anything but he did manage to get out a somewhat recognisable rendition of a Christmas carol.

“This is outrageous! What the hell!” Jackie exclaimed when she heard about Kyle’s second skill.

“I’ve only been learning the piano for four days and I’ve learnt ‘The First Noel’,” Kyle announced. After a few false starts, and an attempt to trick Jackie with the keyboard’s demo, he eventually got there and sure enough we could hear the Christmas tune!


And finally, Kyle did announce a while ago now that he ordered himself a pottery wheel and so his final skill was to learn to actually make usable pottery…

This one’s definitely going to need some work though. All he really managed to do here was make a mess in studio.

But regardless, looks like Kyle really is a Jack of all trades! (But a master of none Jackie cheekily pointed out)

Hear Kyle showing off his new skills in the podcast below!


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