It’s no secret that Kyle is a bit of a softy at heart when it comes to romantic songs and so he was understandably extremely excited to have one of the ultimate power-ballad boy bands in studio this morning, Human Nature.

And well, to make this moment extra special for Kyle, the boys of Human Nature had a pretty incredible surprise for our shock jock this morning!

The boys told Kyle that they had a pretty big anniversary coming up and in celebration they wanted to ask him if he would take part in their concert with them to sing one of his all-time favourite songs.

“We want to do something special. Next year we celebrate 30-years together, we’re doing a big tour and we thought maybe the big dream could come true that you could join us onstage singing Eternal Flame together,” said one of the boys, Andrew Tierney.

Kyle was gobsmacked. It was like a dream come true and he was finally going to get his moment in the spotlight on stage with one of his all time favourite songs.

It goes without saying that he was keen to perform with the boys, but he had his own idea about how to make the moment EVEN MORE special and add to the romantic feel of the tune!

“Maybe we’ll have to come and get engaged over at the show,” said Kyle in reference to him and his long-term girlfriend Imogen.


While Kyle has often said that he wouldn’t want to get married anytime soon having been divorced perviously, he has on the odd occasion referenced popping the question to Immy. This however was the first time that he appeared to have a real plan with how he’d do it!

“A guy, when he’s thinking about getting engaged, you’re like, what do you do? How do you do it? You know what I mean? It’s got to be monumentous!” continued Kyle.

And what could be more monumentous than getting down on one knee in front of a massive crowd of Human Nature Fans as the boys harmonise to Eternal Flame!

So you never know, if you end up going to the Human Nature concert next year you might just play witness to a Sandilands engagement!


Now the only question is, do you reckon Human Nature would also sign on to be the entertainment at the wedding? Now THAT would be epic!

Maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves…But while we wait for Kyle to take his relationship to the next level we’ll be sitting here listening to Human Nature’s Eternal Flame cover on repeat!

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