We’ve had some pretty cruel Only Lying prank calls  on the Kyle and Jackie O show over the years but this one has got to be up there for one of the harshest ones to date.

One brave listener, Abby, proposed the prank call to us, saying that she was going to call her best friend Zoe and break the news to her that she had slept with her boyfriend. Cruel right?

ONLY LYING: Girl Tells best friend she slept with her boyfriend

In order to get Zoe to believe the lie and win herself $1000 for successfully completing the Only Lying, Abby went into the details, telling her friend that it had happened during a shopping trip in which Abby was trying to help Zoe’s boyfriend pick out a birthday present for her.

Abby explained that while they were in the car, Zoe’s loving BF had made the first move and lent over and kissed her.

Zoe blew up immediately, eating the bait, but just wait until she heard what Abby had to say next.


She said one thing led to another and they eventually ended up sleeping together!

But that’s not all…to really dig it in Abby also told her dear friend Zoe that they were going to get together again tonight! It’s safe to say that Zoe had an absolutely hysterical reaction!

Listen to the Only Lying prank call in the video above!

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