If you’re readying yourself for tomorrow to win $5,000 – you’re in for a treat.

After the success of ‘You Get A… Holiday’ and ‘You Get A… Car’ – we’ve decided to give away WADS of $5,000 cash to everyone who successfully makes it to air!

The good news?

We’re taking more calls than EVER BEFORE. So the chances have NEVER been better.

This morning we got the official word from Kyle and Jackie O to determine how best to win $5k… and they gave us the scoop…

The most important things to remember, is that it’s still a regular show, so you need to contribute like you would if there wasn’t money being given away – as in, you need to be calling for a reason, whether it’s the pop quiz, a game, or snapchats.

ALSO, make sure your phone line is clear, no-one with a crappy phone line will be put through from the control room, to air.

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