Everyone’s super excited for Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Lover’ to be released tomorrow, but some major Swifties are kinda upset with the super star

While everyone should be super excited for Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Lover’ to be released tomorrow, some major swifts have been left kinda annoyed by something Taylor has done right before the drop.

Turns out, Taylor has taken out some of her more infamous lyrics from the already released single ‘ME!’ with Panic! At the Disco’s Brendon Urie.

Some fans noticed the missing lyrics while listening to the song on Apple Music.

You know the part just before the bridge of the song where Taylor and Brendon shout, “Hey kids! Spelling is fun!”? Well that’s now gone! At least in the Apple Music version – it still seems to be there when listening on Spotify or YouTube.


And while at first when the song came out in April you might’ve thought that this line was kinda annoying or cringey, we have to say it sounds so weird without it! And a lot of Swifties aren’t too happy about the change!

In fact, you find yourself singing it anyway, even without it there!

And so, when Kyle heard the news this morning he decided to suggest his own lyrics that could go in place of the spelling line.

And in true Kyle fashion, they were highly inappropriate! In fact, we don’t think Taylor would ever be caught singing this instead…

Check out Kyle’s version in the video above!


So for now, it looks like that spot in the song is just going to remain blank!

Taylor hasn’t spoken out about why she’s decided to change the song now, but it’s understood that when the song was first released she use the lyrics to show the the song wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.