Kyle Sandilands – Love Expert

This could actually be Kyle’s new career title after he revealed on air this morning that he’s been involved in talks to become one of the experts on Channel Nine’s hit reality show Married At First Sight!

It all came about when Kyle mentioned an article that was going around over the weekend that said fans of the show were calling for Kyle to replace the show’s current expert, John Aiken.

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Kyle told us that his friend John Ibrahim actually called him up and told him about the article.

“John Ibrahim rings me up and goes, ‘Hey! I see in the paper that MAFS want you to go on that show and be the new relationship expert’,” Kyle explained. “Some article that came out during the week.”


“[It] said that there’s been an overwhelming call out for me to replace John as the relationship expert on MAFS, right? And I just thought oh, no one’s actually asked me anything , just more lies from the newspaper. Don’t worry about it.”

But while Kyle hadn’t personally been asked, his friend John then admitted that he is friends with someone in the production company who has asked him whether Kyle would be interested!

“He said, ‘Listen. I’ve had a friend from the production company reach out, pretty high up and say, would he do it and is he signed to Channel Seven?’. And I said, ‘No I’m not signed to Channel Seven and yeah, I would look at it’,” Kyle admitted.

“And they said, well look they love the way you and Jackie talk to the [MAFS] contestants… So they’ve thought maybe I should be the relationship expert on there.”

Jackie thought it was an awesome idea, but said that Kyle would more likely be like Dr Trisha rather than John Aiken, and all he’d want to know about is sex!

“At the commitment ceremonies you would take over Trisha’s job. All you’d be asking about is, ‘Have you had sex?’,” Jackie laughed.


Which is SO true!

“You should look at that definitely! I think that would be a great gig to have,” she added

So would Kyle actually do it if he got a formal offer? He said that if the producers promised to let him actually say what he wants and take control a bit he might be interested. But at the same time, he’s not that keen on taking on extra work…

“Well look I’m open to talking about it but you’ll have to be willing to pay a lot of money and I’m going to be running this whole show,” Kyle said.

So we’ll see! Who wants to see Kyle on MAFS?

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