How long would you stay on the line if someone called up up and just started coughing relentlessly?

Well when you’re Kyle Sandilands, turns out not very long.

Kyle became the latest victim of a new prank call that Beau Ryan has been trying where he calls up a mate and starts coughing hysterically. He then has to try and see how long he can get the other person to stay on the phone.

Beau has previously tried the prank out on fellow Sharks player Paul Gallen and despite Beau sounding like he was practically dying on the other end of the phone he managed to get Paul to hang on for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Kyle on the other hand has much less patience…

While Kyle started off the chat being nice and asking Beau if her was okay, he very quickly became fed up and decided to just hang up!

“I’m not even listening to this. See ya,” Kyle said before there was just a dial tone.


LOL! Listen to the whole prank call for yourself in the podcast below!

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