It goes without saying that swearing is NOT allowed on radio. Above all, the c-word is the biggest no-no of all. 

But as everyone knows, Kyle likes to push boundaries…

The show’s executive producer Bruno was in studio telling Kyle & Jackie O about the push by the New Zealand Greens Party to desensitise the c-word. The Greens co-leader, Marama Davidson, believes that the word should be reclaimed and any stigma surrounding it should be quashed.

A big fan of the word himself, Kyle was fully on board with the move.

“I’m gonna say it now and see what you guys think,” he declared. 

“Un-beeped, if you wouldn’t mind, censor.” 


Obviously that’s not an option for radio, but our cameras captured the uncensored version.

Jackie was caught completely off guard when Kyle came up with an indelicate new slogan for the show billboards – including the c-word. 

‘Two c***s, heaps of laughs’ he suggested.

Judging by the look on Jackie’s face, she is NOT a fan. See what unfolded in the video above. 

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