At this point in time, there’s no bigger issue in Australia than the debate around same sex marriage and making it legal.

Recently, the government decided they would organise a postal vote plebiscite for legalising same sex marriage in this country.

The overwhelming response on social media has been to vote ‘yes’ – with the push to make sure everyone is enrolled to vote.

However, yesterday a called named ‘Mikey’ called up to express his opinion.

He revealed to Kyle and Jackie O that he intended to vote ‘yes’ on his postal ballot, but had some hesitation, as he wasn’t in support of same sex couples having children.

He suggested gay couples having children was “the pinnacle of cruel.”

“I’m getting a little bit passionate about this gay marriage thing right, if we say ‘Yes’ to gay marriage does that mean we’re going to have to say, ‘Yes’ to them having kids? I’m totally against them having kids” Mikey said on air.


“I think it’s quite cruel. I want to call up and speak for the other people who can’t share their voice.

Gays have the option of getting married and love but kids don’t have the choice of having two mums or two dads. Give a kid a choice? I think it’s quite cruel for them to have kids.”

Kyle wasted no time firing back, calling Mikey’s comments “the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“You’re a filthy homophobe pretending to masquerade as someone speaking on behalf of kids,” Kyle snapped.

“You’re being homophobic, just so you know. Two gays can already have babies without getting married.

The video of the call has now gone viral on Facebook, with over one million views.


One thing’s for sure, Kyle will always be in support of the gays – and it seems they love him just as much!

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