You know that heart attack moment when you hand your phone over to your parents or a relative to let them see a photo and then they start swiping? A million things start racing through your mind as you imagine all of the incriminating things that they might accidentally come across.

Well it seems that Imogen’s father Anthony had a very similar moment just the other day when he gave his phone to Kyle. And of course Kyle, who often talks about how little he knows about technology, began to swipe on through.

Of course you may remember from one of Kyle’s many stories about Anthony and that he’s a bit of a wild one. So if there was ever a phone that would have some NSFW images on it, it’s Anthony’s.

And yep, Kyle certainly found them. And he regretted his decision to swipe as soon as he came across, *deep breath*, a dick pic!! YEP! A picture of his girlfriend’s dad’s PENIS!! And he literally saw EVERYTHING!

We can’t really think of anything more uncomfortable to be honest. What on earth would you do in that situation? Well, Kyle decided to clear the air with him…but of course he didn’t do it privately. He did it on the show this morning for our whole audience to hear.


“This is going to be a confronting call everyone,” said Kyle as the phone rang.

Find out exactly how the talk went down in the video above!

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