Has Kyle caught the reality TV show bug? While we already know that our very own shock jock has made the move to TV with his own reality TV show on Network Ten, Trial By Kyle, he confirmed today that he’s taking part in ANOTHER reality series!

You might remember a while back Kyle told his listeners that MTV had approached him about a reality series and that he was actually considering doing it.

“I’ve gotta say something, I probably shouldn’t, but MTV have come to us and said ‘hey’…and MTV make pretty good reality shows…and MTV would be in other countries,” admitted Kyle.

And well, this morning Kyle confirmed that he has actually signed on with the network to take part in one of their reality shows! But it’s not at all what we originally expected.

While Kyle original hinted that he would be doing his own MTV series with a show that would follow him and Imogen around in their everyday lives, he clarified today that he was actually taking part in a series that already exists!

“I’m glad it’s a nice day today, we’re filming at our place today,” said Kyle casually.

And while we know you’re probably all chanting in your mind ‘Please let it be Geordie Shore, PLEASE let it be Geordie Shore’, the show in question is actually something that will get much more up close and personal into his private life.


“We’re filming MTV Cribs!” revealed Kyle. “Remember that show where you’d watch and go through everyone’s house?”

That’s right if you’ve ever wondered how Kyle Sandilands lives you can finally find out! The MTV series gives people watching from home an all-access personal tour of celebrity homes, showing off the inner-most aspects of their personal lives and Kyle and Imogen are locked in to show of their Mosman mansion!

Kyle told us though that while it’s exciting, the preparations for the show have been exhausting! For his help that is anyway.

“We spent nine hours yesterday with fifteen people in there trying to make it look nice,” he said. “We hadn’t unpacked, see every time we go on holidays we don’t unpack we just buy new clothes, so there was like fifteen suitcases.”

Kyle had everyone cleaning and organising his crib and he even had a gym installed yesterday!!

Kyle follows in the footsteps of people like Robbie Williams, Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey who have all had their homes displayed on the MTV series.


No word yet on when the episode is set to air, but we’ll certainly be watching when it does!

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