In what is likely to be the most strange sporting event in the history of all time, our very own Kyle Sandilands has challenged former Aussie PM Kevin Rudd to a handball tournament.

Yes, you read that correctly. And they’re both getting SUPER competitive about it!

If you’re wondering how something like this possibly came about, cast your minds back a couple of years to that viral video of K-Rudd playing handball with a bunch of kids.

If you need a refresher (and a lol) you can check it out here:


Well, yesterday Kevin took to his social media to let the world know that following a knee reconstruction he’s ready to get back to being the King of handball.

He also asked anyone who thought they could do better to slide into his DMs and challenge him to a “championship game”.

But Kyle did him one better. Kyle challenged the PM live on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show!

Jackie had been chatting about Kevin’s handball comeback in O News when Kyle, who has never played handball in his life, decided that he could beat Mr Rudd at the game any day.


“I will not even practice once and I will not do anything in preparation and I will play you,” Kyle challenged. “I don’t even know the rules… I will play you. I will thrash you in front of the world.”

And well, turns out Kevin Rudd heard it all the way over in New York City and decided to call us and take Kyle up on the offer!

“I will flog his bottom,” Kevin Rudd said. Yep, the trash talk had well and truly begun.

Turns out Kevin takes his handball quite seriously and has been playing for many years now. But he also has a secret way to make sure he wins…

“I’ve been playing this game since I was a nerd at high school and when I can’t win easily I just make up the rules.”

Smort! Kyle wasn’t scared off though.



“I’m going to surprise you Mr Rudd. Now I know you’re the former Prime Minister and you’ve got a lot of achievements under your belt but I’m very nimble. A lot of my friends are quite shocked how nimble and quick I can be,” Kyle professed.

Well it’s time to put the handball skills to the test! Mr Rudd said he’s going to be in Australia in two weeks time and he’ll be READY to compete against Kyle with Jackie signed on to be the official umpire.

Until then, let the trash talking continue!

“I will whip you’re former PM BUTT!” Kyle said.

“Just be ready and get ready to die,” Mr Rudd said in response.


Oh this will be so good. Stay tuned!