Last calls can be pretty unpredictable on the Kyle and Jackie O Show seeing as we leave it up to our listeners to call us and talk about whatever they want.

But even so, we never expected things to be THIS out of the ordinary this morning!

Kyle and Jackie had been chatting to a listener when all of a sudden Intern Pete interrupted (typical Pete) to tell the guys that they had an urgent call on the other line.

And who was it from? None other than one of our biggest fans in PRISON!

“Hello? Rob is it?” Kyle said on air this morning. “You’re incarcerated at the moment?”

“I am incarcerated mate, I’ve been incarcerated for some time,” Rob replied.

Now we don’t know all too much about real life prisons, most of what we do know comes from Kyle’s obsession with Law and Order, but our understanding is that each day the prisoners will only get one phone call.


And it turns out that today they chose to use that one phone call on us! That sure made us feel special. but it certainly wasn’t wasted. They passed the phone around the prison cell to various people and of course we also tried to get as much info out of this one phone call as we possible could!

And so Kyle wanted to know absolutely everything about what it’s really like to be on the inside, so he was almost overwhelmed with how many questions he wanted to ask, from things like what they do day-to-day to conjugal visits etc.

But what we ended up finding out was again VERY unexpected! Turns out Jackie has been quite the topic of discussion in the cells recently! And not for the reason you may think.

“Jackie O I was just talking about you yesterday to my celly,” said Rob’s fellow “celly” as they call it, Nasham.

“Why what were you saying?” Jackie asked.

“About The Masked Singer,” he replied.


“Oh wow they’re even talking about it in prison?!” Jackie exclaimed. “I love that!”

Yep, we told you this was the show everyone’s talking about. Even the prisoners are keen to try and work out which celebrities are behind the masks!

“Oh I bet you want to know who the unicorn is,” Kyle laughed.

This was great news for Jackie, who said that if she ever found herself on the inside she could use her position on The Masked Singer as leverage to get what she wants from the other prisoners i.e a pack of ciggies of course.

But before we could get too much further into our call, Nasham warned us that we would likely be cut off as they only get six minutes per chat. He explained that we would hear three beeps and then the phone call would end.

“I’m going to miss you!” Nasham exclaimed before a dial tone came through.


And just like that Nasham was gone! But he promised that he would call back tomorrow to give us some more inside info!

Hear our full chat with The Masked Singer fans in prison in the video above! And tune into Kyle and Jackie O for more tomorrow!

The Masked Singer kicks off Monday September 23 at 7:30PM on Channel 10!

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