After their blow-up live on Studio 10 went viral, KIIS FM’s Yumi Stynes and Kerri-Anne Kennerley have gone head-to-head once again, this time live on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

In case you missed it, Yumi and Kerri-Anne butted heads on the Network Ten breakfast program on Monday during a heated debate about the Australia Day Protests.

The conversation resulted in Stynes suggesting that Kennerley was sounding “racist”, leaving the long-running TV host “seriously offended”.

Hear their full on-air debate here:


Following this incident, Yumi decided to step down from appearing on Studio 10 this morning, saying in an Instagram post that she decided to give herself the day off.

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THIS IS THE BOX of ingredients and cooking tools I have sitting in my kitchen in preparation for going on @Studio10 tomorrow! I was booked come in to showcase a recipe from one of my cookbooks (– Emergency Crumble from the Zero Fucks Cookbook, if you’re interested). . . INSTEAD, I decided to give myself the day off.  This is not because of what happened today between Kerri-Anne and I.  I am feeling stable and calm and like I’m on the right side of history.  Everything is ok. . . I’m not coming in because I really urgently want to lie around and do nothing.  It’s very important. . . I told the new producer Tamara that I won’t be coming in tomorrow.  I also gave her the number of my good friend James Mathison who kindly offered to fill in for me as he is available and has done the show a bunch of times and therefore I would not be leaving the hard-working team in the lurch.  I have no idea if she will take me up on the suggestion and it’s not my problem. . . Peace, friends.  XX

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While Yumi stated in the post that her dropping out had nothing to do with her confrontation with Kennerley, many people assumed that this contributed to her decision.

But if that really was the case, the pair weren’t able to avoid each other for long…Especially when Kyle and Jackie O decided to get involved.

Bringing up the argument during her O News segment, Jackie decided to call up both Yumi and Kerri-Anne live on air to see if the rift between them could be mended.


But it seems that we ended up setting the pair up for yet another face-off, with neither of the women ready to back down on their beliefs.

“I honestly can say I think it crossed a line when somebody calls you a racist because obviously to me the words I stated are fact,” said Kerri-Anne this morning.

“A racist is somebody that thinks another bunch of people are inferior which is not what I said. I said there is a lot of abuse with women and children in certain indigenous communities – that is a fact. That is not fiction, it’s a fact.”

“Kerri-Anne you’re also saying that therefore those people shouldn’t be protesting,” replied Yumi. “That they’re wasting their time when they should be out fighting rape and abuse. You can actually do both things.

“Another thing that you said that was racist was that aboriginal people should just, quote, ‘get over it’,” she continued.

“It’s really an insensitive thing to say. And drawing on your own past as the daughter of I think migrants is a really, really whack comparison. It’s a totally different experience to being disenfranchised the way indigenous people have.”


Yumi went on to say that the reason why she didn’t want to go back on Studio 10 this morning was because she didn’t feel like it was her place, nor did she feel qualified, to continue the argument of indigenous rights.

“Now Kyle and Jackie O, just to be clear, the reason I didn’t go on the show today is because it’s not for me to argue indigenous rights,” Yumi said. 

” It’s really inappropriate. There are plenty of qualified and really brilliant indigenous people to make that argument.” 

Kerri-Anne responded by saying that they would be bringing two indigenous Australians on the show to discuss this controversial topic.

“We have two indigenous people and I am very sorry Yumi that you didn’t come in to be part of this because it is an important debate.”

Kerri-Anne then had to go and return to the Studio 10 desk, who was also broadcasting a live show at the exact same time, but she finished on this note.


“Everybody has a point of view and I think we all have to recognise that the only thing I seriously want is to have the issue solved,” she said.

“No child, no woman should in fact be raped and abused no matter who they are.”

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