It’s show time!! Well almost anyway…

As the easter eggs and hot cross buns start filling the shelves of the super markets not only do we know that this means that the holiday is fast approaching, but it also means that the annual Easter show will be heading back to Sydney very soon!

And while we all can’t wait for the rides, shows and all of the weird and whacky show food that’s on offer each year, we bet that you’re also super excited to see what the Kyle and Jackie O team has on offer for you at the show this year.

While we won’t give away too much yet about the rides and instalments we have in store, we can tell you exactly what to expect from our world famous showbag for 2019!

And just a hint, it’s filled to the brim with some amazing goodies this year!

Find everything included in Kyle And Jackie O’s Sydney royal easter show 2019 Showbag below:


– It’s Kyle Vs. Jackie with the first show bag item! You’ll be able to choose from either Kyle’s Aussie Bum Undies, inspired by his very own golden undies, OR Jackie O’s baby pink mini hair straightener!

– KIIS1065 trucker cap

– KIIS1065 mini Bluetooth speaker

– KIIS1065 drawstring bag

– KIIS1065 reusable coffee cup

– KIIS1065 water fan


– KIIS1065 lip balm

– Batiste Marakesh Dry Shampoo

– Designer Brands Black Kohl Pencil with sharpener

– White Glo Charcoal Toothpaste

H2coco Cocochoc Coconut Water

– Kit Kat


– Fibre One milk chocolate popcorn bar and peanut butter popcorn bar

– Skin doctors Vitamin A and Vitamin C moisturiser ampoules

$10 Chargrill Charlie’s voucher

Bay Vista Dessert Bar and Cafe Pancake Pass

All of these awesome items bring the value to over $150 but we’re offering it all to you in our showbag at the Easter Show for just $30!!

So when you come to deciding which show bag to purchase at the Easter Show this year, it’s really a no brainer in choosing Kyle and Jackie O’s world famous offering!


The only real thing you’ll have to think about is whether to go with team Kyle and his undies or Team Jackie and her straightener! Which would you pick?

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