Beau Ryan has had a very successful career and so if you asked him what his greatest achievement was, you’d assume that he’d have a number of noteworthy moments to choose from.

His football career, his work on TV, or even the fact that he’s scored the role of shock jock Kyle Sandilands understudy. But none of these are even CLOSE to what Beau’s wife Kara Ryan sees as his biggest triumph.

Kyle and jackie o: Beau ryan was slapped by will ferrell

Beau was filling in for Kyle this morning on the Kyle and Jackie O show when he revealed the one thing that his wife Kara is incredibly proud of him for. And it just so happens to involve the hilarious actor, Will Ferrell.

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Will joined Beau and Jackie on the show this morning ahead of his latest film ‘Holmes and Watson’. But this wasn’t the first time that the former NRL player had met the Hollywood star.

They had in fact met once before when Beau was over in America. And during this meeting something happened that became an iconic story in the Ryan household.

“Well I’ve been lucky enough to achieve a few good things in my life. I’ve had some great things happen,” began Beau.

“My wife is most proud of me because, I think it was last year, when I flew over to the states, fly in fly out, I did a quick game with you, I was filming for a junket situation, and you open hand slapped me.”

What?! HOW COOL! I mean no one wants to get slapped but come on, if you’re going to take hit you’d want it to be from one of the funniest guys in Hollywood right?

Apparently they had been playing a game and Will had thought it was so absurd that Beau was only in the states for 12 hours, so he slapped him!


And while of course this became a memorable moment for Beau, Will actually remembered the incident as well!

Listen to the story of how Will Ferrell came to slap Beau Ryan in the video above!

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