Looks like Troye Sivan is taking a leaf out of Kyle and Jackie O’s book when it comes to his upcoming Bloom tour!

Every Friday, the Kyle and Jackie O team pick a different theme to inspire our outfits! We’ve had ‘Dress Like Kyle’ day, a FRIENDS theme and today is the incredibly comfortable Yeezy vibes.

And it seems like Troye wants to do something similar when he returns home to Australia to perform.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O, Troye told us that he’s planning on setting a different theme for each show in Australia and New Zealand to get everyone into the party spirit.

“I’ve got this idea for Australia and New Zealand, because usually people come to the shows dressed up, and I thought why not make it official and put some pressure on everyone and so we’re going to theme each show,” Troye told us.

“So it’s essentially like a huge, it’s kind of going to feel like a dress up party.”

As for what the themes are, it seems Troye’s going to make the themes centre around his music.


“I’m thinking maybe one of the nights you do 1999 and everyone comes dressed up as like something from the year of 1999. Just like really go for it,” he continued.

How exciting! No word yet on how ticket holders will be made aware of the theme but we’d imagine that you should keep an eye on Troye Sivan’s socials for any updates.

As for the actual shows, Troye told Kyle and Jackie O that he’s super proud of what he’s created and he can’t wait to share it with us.

“I have so much planned. I am really, really proud of the show first and foremost,” he told us. “We’ve been playing the show now for a while so I feel like it’s really dialled in.


“I don’t know, I feel like something really special is happening on the road but I just feel like there’s been this shift in that it’s literally just a party… At this point I feel like it’s just as much about what’s happening in the crowd as it is about what’s happening on stage.”

Which is clearly why he’s decided to get the crowd more involved!

Troye Sivan will bring his Bloom Tour to Sydney on September 20!

And he’s just announced that a donation of $1 from every ticket sold on the Bloom Tour will go to support LGBTQIA+ causes through Beyond Blue, Minus18 & RainbowYOUTH.

Get your tickets here!


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