If you jumped in your car at about 8AM this morning and tuned into the Kyle and Jackie O show you’d be forgiven for thinking that our hosts were either drunk or had smoked something that they shouldn’t have. 

Let us be clear, this DEFINITELY wasn’t the case! 

What was actually happening was that we decided to play one of most hilarious segments: Kyle and Jackie O at Half Speed – The Halloween Chat edition. 

Listening To Kyle And Jackie O Talking About Trick Or Treating At Half Speed Is The Funniest Thing You’ll Hear All Day

It’s as basic as it sounds. We take something that the guys had been discussing earlier on the air, in this case trick or treating as today is Halloween, and slow it down by fifty per cent. 

The result is something that simply no one could possibly refrain from bursting into laughter at! And it seriously makes you feel like you’re drunk yourself while listening to it! 

Hear the whole half speed chat in the video above! 

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