Today is a day for the world to celebrate strong and empowering women and to commemorate just how far we have come throughout history.

Today, is International Women’s Day.

One woman who can be viewed as a strong, powerful and influential woman to many people in Australia due to her role on TV and the world of journalism is A Current Affair’s Tracy Grimshaw.

But today, Tracy told Kyle and Jackie O why she doesn’t think that International Women’s Day should be the only day that people choose to celebrate the wonderful things about a woman.

Tracey believes that this is something that we should consciously be doing every single day rather than just one day out of the year.

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Speaking about her views on the day, Tracy told us that she thinks the day is important for starting a conversation but it’s not something that she personally celebrates.

“Do you know, for me I think everyday should be International Day of the woman and International Day of the man and International white ribbon day,” she said.

“I think you should wake up everyday trying to be a decent person and do the right thing.”

“For me, I think they’re symbolic and they start a conversation that people should have and they raise consciousness so I think that’s what it means generally,” she continued.

“For me, it’s another day.”

Jackie added that she hoped one day, women will have come so far that we no longer need a day to specifically demonstrate the fight that women have had to go through for equality.


“It’s good to shine a light on it but hopefully there’s going to be no international women’s day in the future because we won’t need it,” Jackie said.

“The reason we’ve got it is because of the things we’re fighting for and when a female becomes a CEO or Prime Minister it’s like this big deal and hopefully in the future, that won’t be a big deal.”

No matter your beliefs, we think we can all agree that women are amazing and that’s something that deserves to be celebrated in one way or another!

Hear Tracy discuss International Women’s Day with Kyle and Jackie O in the video above.

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