While everyone’s complaining about the Game Of Thrones ending, we’re over here still debating the ending of a show that you might call the original Game Of Thrones, The Sopranos.

Three of the hit naughties show’s main characters, Bobby, Big Pussy and Christopher Moltisanti joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio for a reunion this morning! – Or at least the actors behind them did – Steve Schirripa, Vincent Pastore and Michael Imperioli.

And while chatting, we of course had to bring up that controversial ending to the long-running series.

In case you need a refresher, seeing as this ending went down on TV back in 2007, the four members of the Soprano family arrange to meet at the diner.

The door of the diner is heard opening and Tony Soprano, the main character, is the last face seen on screen before it just turns black.


No one really knew what this meant, although a lot of people assumed that Tony was killed.

But what do the cast members think happened?

“No doubt you’ve been asked this a million times, but when it just cuts to black, did Tony die?” Jackie asked the boys.

“I think he’s alive,” said Steve, the man behind Bobby. “That’s my opinion but I don’t know.”

“That’s why he left it open and it’s probably the most asked question.”

“I think David left it open in case we were going to do something,” added Vincent, the actor behind Big Pussy.


So they believe that the whole point of the ending was to leave the audience questioning and to allow for the possibility of more episodes to be made.

But unfortunately, this was no longer possible when the actor behind Tony Soprano, James Gandolfini, passed away.

“Then we lost Jimmy so we couldn’t do anything,” Big Pussy added.

But that doesn’t mean that this is the end for The Sopranos! A prequel to the show is actually being made set in the late 60s in New Jersey.

And in fact, James’ own son will be playing a young Tony Soprano in this show!

Hopefully it will be just as epic as the original!


Hear Kyle and Jackie O’s full reunion with The Sopranos in the podcast below!

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