It’s been a minute since we last heard about The Sopranos! The hit television series finished up on HBO beck in 2007 and became renowned as one of the most successful shows ever for the network.

Ten years on, Kyle and Jackie O decided to host a reunion in studio with some of the show’s biggest and most beloved characters – Steve Schirripa AKA Bobby Baccalieri, Vincent Pastore AKA Big Pussy and Michael Imperioli AKA Christopher Moltisanti.

During our chat with the boys we caught up on some of the things they’ve been up to since the show, questioned them about some of the show’s biggest story lines (yep, including that controversial ending) and even got down to some hilarious sex chat (they have a LOT of opinions about the bush).

Everyone got along like a house on fire and it really was just like a group of friends sitting in the diner, just like they do on the show!

Hear The Sopranos Reunion Podcast with Kyle and Jackie O below!

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