Following on from the seriously exciting news that the Jonas Brothers would be reuniting to release music, and in doing so fulfil all of our childhood dreams, it seems fans of the boys are trying their luck to get some more reunions happening.

While speaking with Kyle and Jackie O, Nick, Joe and Kevin answered listener questions when one major fan asked the boys if they would considering heading back to their disney days.

We feel like we shouldn’t need to remind you about this, but just in case, the Jonas bros not only made a name for themselves in the music industry but also on our screens as the boys signed on for a movie along with their good mate Demi Lovato, titled Camp Rock.

The Disney film eventually got a sequel, but today one listener wanted to know whether there was any possibility of a third film being in the works.

“Would you ever make a Camp Rock 3 with the new and improved Jonas Brothers?” she asked.


While it’s something that has been rumoured as a possibility for a while, unfortunately the boys shattered all our hopes and dreams by telling us that it’s not looking like a project they would want to do.

They told us that they just felt that they had moved on from their Disney days.

“Probably not,” they said. “You know, as much as that was so much fun, that was when we were younger and we’re onto the Jonas Brothers stuff not maybe so much the Disney stuff anymore.”

Devastated is an understatement! ‘This Is Me’ was our jam as a tween!

But not to worry Jonas Brothers fans! At least we have their killer new song Sucker along with the amazing music video to keep us satisfied.


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