Now that the second big affair on this season of Married At First Sight is out in the open and we’ve only really got a few couples left on the series, we’re all moving on from the usual episodes and are counting down the days until the reunion.

Each year on MAFS, every single cast member comes back for one last dinner party to find out what everyone has been up to since filming wrapped. Or in other words, for INSANE DRAMA!

And it seems that the drama is going to reach boiling point at this year’s reunion!

It’s no secret that the four people caught up in the big affair bombshell didn’t really remain friends and so we’re all patiently waiting to see what happens when they come face to face once again at this catch up.

Kyle and Jackie O spoke with three of the four contestants involved, the loved up Dan and Jess and the jilted bride Tamara, when we decided to get a little sneak peak at what to expect.

Dan and Jess seemed to say that the reunion is going to be explosive! When Kyle asked Dan what his ex-wife Tamara had been up to since leaving the show, Dan said that he wasn’t sure but went on to say that both her and Jess’ ex-husband Mick show up at the reunion.


“They come back for the reunion so that’s, oh wow,” he said. “Next question.”

Jess didn’t really say much but she sure painted a picture with a detailed sound scape! Jess made the “duh, duh, duh” sound used in films when something shocking happens, and even made some explosion sound effects. 

Of course they can’t give too much away before the episode airs, but we’re guessing that this means that Jess and Dan aren’t really given a warm welcome amongst the other couples…

hear jess and dan’s full interview here!

Tamara then joined Kyle and Jackie O later in the show when they asked her whether Jess and Dan cop it during the reunion special.

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calm before the storm 😳 #MAFS

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“We have filmed the reunion…You’ll have to wait and see,” she said.

“But I am just so much over the situation, you know? Five, six weeks after this all coming out…I’m just like, really, I just want to catch up with the people I haven’t seen in ages, that I like, and I just want to see what’s going on in their lives.”

Hmm well one thing’s for sure, we don’t think Jess, Dan, Tamara and Mick will all be having a happy catch up at the reunion. In fact, we have no doubt that some sort of drama will go down here…

We’ve got our popcorn at the ready!

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