We learned a lot about actress Taraji P. Henson this morning! He favourite character’s to play are strong women, she LOVES Cardi B and she has a seriously hilarious thing in common with our very own Kyle Sandilands.

Taraji joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning ahead of her latest film ‘What Men Want (which btw if you haven’t checked out the trailer for this comedy yet, do yourself a favour and watch it here) when we made the connection between her and Kyle.

It all came about when Jackie brought up the time that Taraji was lucky enough to meet the late singer Prince.

The hilarious story from when taraji p. henson met prince

Unfortunately for the actress, this meeting didn’t really go as planned and she ended up embarrassing herself just a tad.


“I heard about Taraji when you met Prince that you felt like you held his hand for too long,” said Jackie. T

urns out Taraji was so star struck by the singer that she went in for a handshake but sort of lost her train of thought as she stared at him in awe, leading to the whole awkward thing lasting way too long.

“Yeah, he had to pass my hand off,” explained Taraji.

Prince had felt so uncomfortable that he literally lifted her hand and placed it in the hand of the person next to him! Talk about cringe!

But luckily for Taraji, she need not be embarrassed in our company. Kyle had a similarly embarrassing story to make her feel better.

“Can I tell you that something happened to Kyle when he interviewed Elton John and at the end of the interview Elton put out his hand but he put it palm down and so Kyle sort of wasn’t sure if he could kiss it,” revealed Jackie. “And Kyle kissed his hand.”


“I didn’t know what to do, I felt weird!” shouted Kyle in his defence.

“I understand! It’s Elton John,” replied Taraji.

“At least we’ve got something in common,” laughed Kyle. 

So basically Taraji and Kyle have a camaraderie between them now based off their embarrassing celebrity encounters!


Taraji’s upcoming film ‘What Men Want’ hits cinemas in February 2019!

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