American DJ and musician Steve Aoki is known for many things. His incredibly unique fashion, his beats that make everyone want to get up and dance, that luscious, long hair and of course the fact that he often cakes people in the face.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, Steve is known for bringing cakes out on stage with him at performances and throwing them in the faces of some audience members.

Steve aoki cakes kyle and jackie o’s producers in the face live on air

And while you might think this sounds like something incredibly whacky and insane, and yeah it kinda is, the fans LOVE it! In fact, you’ll often find them begging for him to choose them as his target.

While speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Steve told us that he doesn’t really know where the obsession comes from, but people definitely get incredibly hyped about it.


“If you get caked by Aoki, it’s like a badge of honour forever right?” asked Kyle.

“It’s just that one part of the show, I always have to save it to the end because people in the beginning of the show they always have the ‘cake me’ signs and I’m like this is for the dessert portion of the meal,” he explained.

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And well, for the dessert portion of our show, we decided to bring some caking action in of our own. And boy was this the best idea we’ve literally had all year.

We set a challenge for our producers. Each one had to ask Steve Aoki a question and if it was a question he had never heard before they would be safe.


However, if it was something he’d been asked before he would get to cake them right in the face. And trust us, watching Intern Pete, Shivering Adam and even Executive Producer Bruno get hit with a mix of coloured icing, whipped cream and jam is the most satisfying thing EVER!

Watch it all go down in the video above!

And if you’re thinking about doing some caking of your own at home make sure you’re prepared to clean up a BIG mess…We definitely underestimated how messy this business would be! 

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