First dates can be pretty uncomfortable at the best of times as two people work through the award pauses, the shyness and the public setting to get to know one another.

But how about a first date with someone on a LIVE radio show? Sounds like something we never want to partake in that’s for sure…

Kyle and jackie o set staff member shivering adam up on a first date with a listener live on air

But for Kyle and Jackie O’s studio producer shivering Adam, he didn’t really get much of a choice and so tomorrow he’ll be meeting up with one of our listeners in the KIIS studios for a romantic (or as romantic as it can be with microphones surrounding you) breakfast date.

See Kyle and Jackie O often like to play the matchmaker and for them, shivering Adam is that tough nut they just haven’t been able to crack.

They’ve tried time and time again to set him up with any single and available girl but so far, no luck!

So, to make sure that this one ACTUALLY happens, they’ve decided to set the date for tomorrow morning, live on air…You know so that they can wingman Adam. Not so they can laugh and tease. Would Kyle ever do such a thing?


Hear the initial set up of the date with shivering Adam and listener Erin in the video above! And if you’re keen to find out what happens next, stay tuned for the date tomorrow!

Who knows, this could be the start of their love story…Or at least it’ll be a funny story to tell.

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