If you’ve heard Kyle and Jackie O play the game Split Or Steal before, you’d know that it usually turns out pretty savage as we put two Sydneysiders head to head to either split a heap of cash or steal it all for themselves.

And today started out no differently as we launched a special Robin Hood edition of the game. But thankfully, it ended in a truly heart-warming way!

Kyle And Jackie O Change A Single Mum’s Life With Robin Hood Split Or Steal

The way in which this game works is that we still get two callers up with $2000 on the table for them to win. All they have to do is decided if they want to split or steal the cash.

If they both choose to split, then they each get $1000. If one chooses to split and the other to steal, than the thief gets the full $2000. However, if they’re both greedy and both choose to steal, then both wind up with nothing!

Only this time, with the Robin Hood edition, we’re specifically putting the rich up against the poor, giving those who are struggling the chance to steal from those that are well off.

This morning, we had Anna on the phone up against Christie.


Anna is a lawyer who lives in the city who doesn’t really consider $1000 to be a great deal of money. Christie on the other hand is a single mum of three with $37 in her bank account who’s life would really change with this type of cash.

In fact, just talking about what she could do with $1000 brought Christie to tears.

“My daughter’s having her sixteenth birthday this weekend and having $1000 would make that much difference right now,” explained an emotional Christie.

At first it seemed like Anna wasn’t going to be swayed by a sob story. And we were starting to think that this Split or Steal was not going to have a happy ending.

“I mean, it’s fine but it’s just a sixteenth birthday party it’s not that exciting. It’s not like you need it for a surgery or something,” replied Anna.

Ooh cold hearted! So basically at this point we were rooting for Christie to steal the money from Anna. But that’s not at all what happened.


Listen to the video above to find out exactly what Anna and Christie decided to do!

If you want to play a Robin Hood version of Split Or Steal, listen out for the cue to call on 13 1065 each morning this week!

Robin Hood – In Cinemas everywhere November 22

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