Nadia Bokody had been married to her husband for seven years when things started to change and the relationship between them started to break down.

During such a devastating time, people often turn to various things to help numb their pain or take their mind off the situation.

But instead of the more common things like alcohol, substances, excessive eating etc, Nadia says that she turned to something else that she thought would bring her comfort, and that was sex.

But it turns out that instead of making things better, Nadia found that her promiscuous ways actually resulted in her craving sexual contact with someone more and more, until she eventually realised that she had a sex addiction.

“It was really probably triggered at the end of my marriage break down,” revealed Nadia while speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning. “Things weren’t going particularly well and I didn’t really want to deal with it, and I essentially turned to a substance to numb my pain and that substance just happened to be guys.”

Nadia didn’t act on her craving while she was still married, but once she became separated from her husband, she says that she was opened up to a whole new world of sexual experiences and it was completely overwhelming.

“I think I got a bit over excited, I’d come out of seven year marriage and I just came onto the whole Tinder scene and was like ‘wow, there’s so many people’”, explained Nadia.


As for how often Nadia was doing it, she said that she got to a point where she had about six guys on a roster that she would rotate daily because she just couldn’t stand to be alone.

“I think fairly quickly it did spiral into daily because i just simply did not want to go home and lay in bed alone and sort of think about everything and deal with my issues,” Nadia told Kyle and Jackie.

“Potentially I probably had the odd day where it might’ve been more than one person in a day…the amount of sex [in one day]…maybe like six or seven times.”

And while that may seem like an astronomical amount to most people, Nadia didn’t even realise that she could possibly have a sex addiction until she got into another relationship and her boyfriend couldn’t keep up with her high sex drive.

“It was actually once I got together with my boyfriend Ky,” said Nadia. “And Ky left one day, I think he’d left for a work trip or something, and I just couldn’t pull myself together. I was crying hysterically. I had to take the day off work.”

But as they say, acceptance is the first step into moving past something like addiction. And now that Nadia’s boyfriend Ky has helped her and encouraged her to get the help that she needed, she is on the way to recovery.


Nadia has a mostly normal sex life with her boyfriend now, saying that she would like to get down and dirty once a day, but is comfortable if they only do it once every few days.

And now of course the question on Kyle’s brain after this interview was what was Nadia’s favourite position. Of course he must’ve expected that a woman who was addicted to sex would just have to be a little bit kinky…


“Do you know what, I’m going to really disappoint you Kyle and I’m going to say, I’m really old fashioned romantic,” started Nadia. “I like old fashioned missionary style!”

But it turns out that this was something that Kyle and Nadia had in common after he revealed that missionary was in fact his favourite too! Hmm thats TMI if you ask us…

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