This morning, Kyle and Jackie O had a very special guest on the show, Jonathan, a man who believes he has direct contact to aliens.

’So Jonathan, how do you actually communicate with the aliens?’ Jackie asked.

‘I translate the information into english language. ‘I just receive like an instant telepathic download and I have to put that into words. Sometimes they give me long words, and I don’t have a large vocabulary, so it’s tricky.

‘So what kind of aliens do you connect with?’ Kyle asked. ‘Basically the civilisation I connect with are called the ya-yel, they’re a hybrid species of humans and ‘the greys’.

‘Oh ‘the greys’ are like the grey aliens everyone imagines when you think of aliens?’ Kyle said.


‘Yes, they’re the result of a hybridisation program carried out through an abduction program. ‘So why do they abduct humans? Kyle asked.

‘The greys’ are very telepathic and advanced, and they couldn’t produce due to lack of emotion, so they time travel and found humans to produce for them [hence the hybrid].

‘So why do they never choose hot people to abduct, why is it always ugly rednecks from middle America? Can you ask the aliens now, Jonathan?’

‘They’re telling me they don’t choose the ‘ugly ones’ they choose a wide selection with a range of human functions. They said it always looks like they choose the ugly ones because the media portray it that way, it’s considered funny and then people won’t research it.’

‘Do you want me to connect with with the alien now?’ ‘YES!’ both Kyle and Jackie O bellowed.

‘It takes a few minutes I have to do some heavy breathing.’


*Cue load breathing down the line*

‘Hello, hello humans, hello Australia! We are a collective consciousness, the entire consciousness of our entire civilisation.’

‘Brooklyn, ask your question, about if aliens are gay…’

‘Yes, yes we have a few experiences of the gay alien, but we don’t produce sexually as you humans do, we produce energetically, so we do not have gay sex.

‘We choose to experience things that humans experience to gain a greater understanding of the human experience.’

Kyle then talked about aliens abducting humans, why they don’t go for the ‘hot ones’.


‘It wasn’t us that abducted you, it was our great, great, great, great grandparents.’

‘We are a parallel reality version of you humans, in a different timeline that’s similar to yours and we developed down a different path.

‘What do you do for fun?’ Jackie asked.

Because humans go and see a movie, or listen to music, do you ever listen to music?’

‘Yes we do experience music from time-to-time.

We experience harmonic vibrations.’ The alien then played some for the guys.


‘Do you guys wee and poo like we do?’ Jackie asked.

‘We no longer wee or poo as we ingest food energetically, we can speak vocally [with humans] but don’t need to, as we speak telepathically.’

‘Is there genitalia, or are you like a Barbie and Ken down there?’ Kyle asked.

‘Yes there is still small genitalia still there but it’s drawn in because we don’t use it.’

‘Will we ever reach your level of advancement?’ Jackie asked.

‘Your later generations will reach our level of civilisation, not you, as you’ll only live a finite number of years.’


‘Are there any people on earth that are actually aliens posing as humans?’ Jackie asked.

The alien then confirmed that yes, there are a few, but they do jobs that concentrate on observing our civilisation, as they would find regular jobs ‘somewhat mundane’.

‘Are there any celebrities that are actually aliens?’ Jackie asked.

‘We are not aware of any of your ‘celebrities’ with extra terrestrial origin.’

As we wrapped up our chat, the alien had some parting advice for humans; “There is another way to live your life! Follow your excitement, that’s why your here, to follow your bliss, of love, joy and creativity – so you don’t have to work in an iPhone store.”

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