Poor Sophie. Even though she’s best friends with Jackie it doesn’t mean we’re going to take it easy on her when she joins us on the Kyle and Jackie O show!

This morning Sophie came into the studio to help spread awareness about Melanoma Australia and the Melanoma March, but she ended up doing something much more scandalous!

Sophie Monk announced to her thousands of twitter followers that she had had a few too many wines last night and decided to pull a Britney Spears.

No we’re not talking about using an umbrella to go after the paps… We’re talking about SHAVING HER HEAD!!

“I just shaved my head for a joke on the wines last night with Jackie O. Who wants to see a pic???” the tweet read.


We know what you’re thinking – ‘NOT THOSE GORGEOUS BLONDE LOCKS!!’

Okay, okay calm down everyone… We should come clean. Soph didn’t REAAAAAALLLY shave her head.

No, Sophie was unfortunately the latest victim of our infamous game ‘Tweet and Delete’ this morning on the show.

The way that the game works is that we give a celeb two options. They either have to Tweet out something extremely scandalous or they can delete their Twitter account altogether and risk loosing all of their followers.

It was a tough choice but Sophie decided to go with option number one.

Of course we’re not completely heartless and we did give Soph a couple of options to choose from for her Tweet.


1. She would announce that Bardot was getting back together

2. She would proclaim her love for Jackie and reveal that they’re in a relationship

3. She would announce that she would not only host Love Island but she would be a contestant this year

4. Or of course the fact that she drunkenly decided to shave her head Of course, given the options,

Sophie decided that the shaving her head one was her best bet. Although we don’t reckon she expected it to go as viral as it has!

Since posting the “fake news” Sophie has sent the internet into a frenzy!


We don’t think she’ll be coming in to visit us again anytime soon…

Sophie Monk is the new ambassador for Melanoma Institute Australia and the Melanoma March. You can donate to the cause here!

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