The first season of Love Island Australia, which aired towards the end of last year, went absolutely nuts here down under and left all of the fans desperate for more.

And so of course it came as no surprise when it was announced that not only would the reality dating show be returning for a second season, but it would be heading straight to Channel Nine rather than Nine Go.

As of yet, we don’t know too many details regarding season two, but here on the Kyle and Jackie O Show we know that we can always count on Sophie Monk to spill the beans.

Sophie is not only a long-running friend of not only the show and Jackie O’s best friend but she also happens to be the host of the show that sets up sexy singles to help them find love.


And so when Soph came into the Kyle and Jackie O studios this morning to help us celebrate Jackie’s birthday, we decided to take the opportunity to ask some Love Island related questions.

“And so Love Island two will be coming back,” said Jackie. “Do we know where it’s being filmed yet?”

Now unfortunately, the people over at Nine have learned since the last season that Sophie isn’t the best at keeping secrets, especially around us, and so they don’t really give her the details until the last minute.

“They won’t tell me because they know I’ll tell you,” Sophie said. “It’s like I was meant to be a surprise for your birthday but I told you I was coming.”

So as for whether this season will take place in Spain again or whether they’ll be trying a new, tropical location, we’re still unsure. But we did manage to get some other information out of Soph.


“When are we going to see Love Island?” asked Jackie.

“It’s not until October because it’s on Channel Nine now. Not just on digital,” Sophie revealed.

So looks like we’ll have to be a bit patient, but at least we’ve got heaps of Married At First Sight drama to keep us calm while we wait!

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