If you had to pick a holiday destination off the top of your head that is the most insta-worthy we reckon that the majority of people would pick the tropical beauty that is The Maldives.

Made up of more than 1,000 coral islands in the Indian Ocean, The Maldives is often seen plastered across the pages of influences on social media, showing off it’s unbelievably crystal clear water, luxury accommodation and constantly perfect weather.

But is a holiday to this popular spot really all that it’s cracked up to be on Instagram?

This morning Kyle and Jackie O spoke with good friend of the show Sophie Monk straight from The Maldives to find out.

Sophie is currently on a romantic trip with her boyfriend Josh overseas but because she loves us so much she took some time out to give us a call and catch us up on what staying in the Maldives is like.


“So what’s the Maldives like?” Kyle asked. “Because we’ve often seen photos. It looks beautiful.”

“I’ve never been,” Jackie added. “It’s just all sand and beautiful ocean really,” Sophie said.

So in short, yep, The Maldives IS as beautiful and beachy as it appears! Which Sophie admitted isn’t the best location for someone as addicted to a fake tan as her. (So keep that in mind if you fake tan often too)

“You know how I don’t tan, it’s just all fake tan,” Sophie said. “So you know, I get in the water and it all drips off.”

Sophie also said that it’s the perfect location to go if you like being active on holidays and doing all different types of water based activities (which unfortunately isn’t really her style).

“I’m just not an active person,” Sophie continued. “Where as Josh is. Like he’s like, ‘Let’s go kayaking’, and I was like, I didn’t even know what a kayak is…I’m just not that person.”


If luxury accommodation is right up your alley, then it looks like The Maldives is the perfect spot for you though.

You know those pictures of villas over the top of the water that we see all over Instagram? Yep they exist here and apparently they really are amazing.

“What’s your room like?” Kyle asked.

“In the room you can walk straight into the water. It’s incredible,” Sophie told us. “It’s like bath water. That temperature. So it’s just amazing.”


And if you’re a big foodie, then this feature will certainly have you booking a flight to The Maldive’s ASAP. Sophie told us that their holiday has your meals all included so you can literally feast like a king.

“It’s all inclusive,” Sophie continued. “It’s just brilliant because you can just have a bite and then the next minute there’s another meal and then another meal and then another meal.”

“That sounds like heaven to me,” Kyle added.

Well Soph, you’ve got us convinced! Just a warning to our friends, expect to see some pics from the Maldives on our Instagram account soon. Booking that holiday NOW!

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