Sorry if you’re reading this Jarrod Woodgate, but Sophie Monk is well and truly off the market! Not only is she in a relationship but it’s actually getting pretty serious!

That’s right, our good friend Sophie is in LOVE! And she told all of our listeners as much this morning on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

Sophie Monk Says She’s Been Discussing Marriage And Kids With Her New Mystery Boyfriend

If you didn’t actually know that Sophie had a boyfriend, we wouldn’t blame you. They’ve been keeping things pretty hush hush over the few months that they’ve been dating after meeting on a long-haul flight.

Back in August we were shocked to hear that Sophie had gotten into a relationship with a good looking fella after being seated next to him on a flight back to Australia.

Soph told us that they had been chatting and eventually one thing led to another and before long they were making out.

By the end of the flight they had agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and now, a few months later, it seems that they’re already talking about taking major steps in their relationship.


“We wanted an update on that because last we spoke to you you said that you had met this guy on a plane,” said Jackie. “So how is it going because what are we now, like three months later?”

Sophie told us that this couldn’t really be going any better. In fact, she recently went over to LA where this mystery man lives. And it was here that her and her new beau realised their true feelings for one another.

“Have you guys told each other you love one another?” asked Jackie.

“Yeah, we did that pretty early,” replied Sophie.

She then went on to explain that not only is she in love, but she’s already talking to this guy about marriage and kids!

“Have you talked about engagement?” asked Kyle.


“I’ve talked about everything,” said Soph.

“Have you talked about babies?” added Jackie.

“Yeah, everything,” she said. “I don’t know if he’s super keen but we’ll figure it out!”

Gosh these two don’t waste any time do they? As for who the mysterious plane man is, Sophie did tell us that she doesn’t really have plans to announce him to the world anytime soon because he’s not really interested in the spotlight!

“How long will you keep him a secret for?” asked Jackie. “You don’t want to be seen yet right?” “Not really. He doesn’t love it so it does disrupt your life if you don’t like it so we’ll try and keep it low key but it’s not like I’m Kim Kardashian where everyone’s chasing me around so bad.”

Well as long as you’re happy Soph, we’re happy!

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