If you saw the article circling this morning in New Idea that claimed the Kyle and Jackie O duo was splitting up and you freaked out that your favourite show on the airwaves would be coming to an end, let us clear the air for you…


In fact, to use Jackie’s words this morning, “Absolutely not!”.

Kyle and Jackie both addressed the rumours on the air this morning while chatting about ONews.

“There’s another story that’s come out Kyle, and I’ll read you the headline. ‘Kyle and Jackie O In Nasty Split: Why She Is Done With Him’,” Jackie told Kyle this morning.


“So according to New Idea, I’m done with you. I’m so over you. Can’t handle you and you’ve pushed me to breaking point,” she added, referencing parts of the article.

“More lies in the New Idea. Why do they come up with these lies?” Kyle added.

Kyle then demonstrated just how much he cared about the rumours by introducing the next song. A very telling song.

“Let’s kick it off, I like this, I Don’t Care, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. This is what I feel about the New Idea article. Don’t care, ‘coz you’re full of sh*t,” Kyle continued.

“It should just be called fantasy magazine where it’s just fantasy stories.”

So stop worrying KJ Show fans! The dynamic duo is well and truly still in tact! In fact, true 6 o’Clockers wouldn’t have worried in the slightest because EVERYONE knows this show will be going until Kyle dies on air, as per his wishes.


Hear Kyle and Jackie O addressing the report in the video above!

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