You’re never safe when working on the Kyle and Jackie O show when it comes to things like pranks.

Really, we should all be on constant alert for pranks, jokes and the infamous Only Lyings but one of our producers just hasn’t learned! (Which makes it all the more fun to pull them on her)

Poor little producer Mayo, as she’s so kindly been nicknamed on the show, became the victim of one of our pranks today when studio 10 host Sarah Harris was in studio – and yep, Sarah was in on the whole thing!

Right off the back of that HILARIOUS (yet rather cruel in hindsight…) Only Lying that we pulled on Mayo about her wedding, today we got Sarah to act like a total Diva before and after her interview with Kyle and Jackie O.

And of course, Mayo fell for it hook line and sinker!

Watch the prank in the video above!

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