Samuel Johnson is one Aussie who’s no stranger to the screen but we think that his possible new TV venture might be just a tad out of his comfort zone!

Sam joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning to chat about the release of his new book ‘Dear Santa’, which is being sold to help raise money for the cancer research, when he revealed that his next project might include a spin on reality TV!

Is Samuel Johnson Heading To The I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here Jungle? He Chats About It With Kyle And Jackie O

Kyle had asked Sam if he had any acting gigs coming up when he revealed that he wasn’t doing anything until he had raised the $10 million dollars for cancer research that he promised to his late sister, Connie Johnson.

However, he revealed that he might be heading to the small screen to partake in a reality TV show help raise some of this money!


“I might be making a very stupid decision next year,” revealed Sam. “But I haven’t signed yet so I can’t say much…We’re talking reality.

“I’ve never done it in 25 years but I’m so desperate to get to the $10 million I’ll do anything.”

Of course, as he explained, no contracts have been signed and so he couldn’t really divulge which TV show he might be doing. But we don’t think it’s going to something like The Bachelor or Married At First Sight…

No after poking around a bit, we reckon Sam is thinking about heading into the I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here Jungle!!

As we know, I’m A Celebrity is returning in 2019 with filming set to begin in January 2019 over in South Africa.


From past series we know that the series can be pretty challenging for the contestants as they’re forced to live in a campsite in the jungle and participate in terrifyingly disgusting tucker challenges for their food and other luxuries. 

And well, seeing as Sam seemed a bit nervous about his choice to head to reality TV (which we don’t think is because of shyness because hello he’s an actor who’s been in front of a camera plenty of times), it makes us think it’s a reality show that’s tough mentally and physically like IAC.

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Not only that, but Sam made mention of the fact that his participation in this reality show would help him raise money for cancer research, and as we know each celebrity that heads to the IAC jungle chooses a charity to raise money for.

“Oh no you’re going into the jungle,” said Jackie to Sam after connecting the dots.


“Don’t, no I can’t say anything,” replied Sam.

But he didn’t really have to say more than that. We’ve got a serious hunch that we’re right about this one!

And we pretty much convinced Sam to go ahead and actually sign the contract too!

“So should you do reality TV? I would say yeah because it’s for a good cause,” said Jackie.

“Well if I’m willing to spend a year on a unicycle and spend months trying to convince celebrities to write letters to Santa [for his book ‘Dear Santa’] then what’s the big deal with reality,” concluded Sam.


You heard it here first! We’ll be saying ‘we told you so’ when we this one gets officially announced.

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