It’s all about politics at the moment here in Australia in the lead up to the federal election this weekend – Even here on the Kyle and Jackie O Show!

This morning we had Sam Dastyari in for his Gutter Politics segment to chat about all the important things including Engadine Maccas, political dirt files and one rather unusual Clive Palmer story.

Sam was chatting about the One Nation Leader making headlines today for visiting Fiji just days out from the election when he told us a pretty odd encounter that her had with him.

In fact, Sam claimed that Clive had actually held him hostage at his property in the past!

Apparently it all went down when Sam was still working in politics and he says that he went to visit Clive in order to try and try and get his vote to stop changes from happening in the senate.

Sam decided that the best way to go about it was to visit Clive at his mansion and discuss the situation over lunch. But things took a pretty weird turn at what was supposed to be just one meal.

“I thought I was going up for what was going to be an hour lunch, two hour lunch and have a bit of a conversation,” Sam explained on air this morning.


“Clive didn’t let me leave for two days.”

So apparently this is how it went down: All was going well, Clive and Sam had a steak for lunch and then Clive wanted Sam to come and look at his boat. Typical stuff.

But then when they went back inside, Sam started noticing a very unusual pattern.

“He cooks me this giant steak, he takes me out, we have a few drinks, he takes me out and shows me his boat,” Sam explained.

“All this is great. I’m thinking, ’This is fantastic’… Go back in and then he goes, ‘Let’s have lunch again’.”

“So he cooks me another steak. We have it, have a few drinks and then he says oh do you want to come out and see my boat.”


This goes on for a period of time until the pair have each had FIVE steaks and gone to look at his boat FOUR times!

“Over a day and a half, five steaks… Four times I saw the boat,” Sam laughed.

In the end, Sam actually stayed the night at Clive’s place and what was meant to be a one hour lunch turned into a whole weekend ordeal! All for a vote!

“I wasn’t sure if he was playing some kind of brilliant Jedi mind trick on me, just like really screwing with my mind… Or he literally did not remember that he showed me his boat,” Sam concluded.

What is it they say about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result..? 


Hear Sam’s full tale about his strange weekend with Clive in the video above!

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