Ronan Keating is heading Down Under soon for the first ever (and also the last) Aussie reunion tour of Westlife but it turns out his family has been hanging around here in Sydney for quite some time!

Ronan joined Kyle and Jackie O on the show this morning to chat about the upcoming tour and to catch up on what he and his family have been up to recently when he revealed that his 20-year-old son Jack has been living in Sydney for the past six months.

And if you regularly visit one of Sydney’s most iconic beaches, you might have actually run into him!

Ronan revealed that while staying in Sydney, Jack was working at popular Bondi restaurant The Bucket List!

It all came about as Ronan was gushing about just how much his son has grown up.

“The older kids are getting old. I mean Jack’s 20,” said Ronan on the air this morning. “He’s a big boy, 20 now.”


“I think last time I saw Jack he wasn’t even ready to drive! He was years away from even driving,” said Kyle in shock.

“He just spent the last six months in Sydney working in the Bucket List down in Sydney, in Bondi and he’s back in Ireland now and he’s working and starting a uni course soon,” Ronan revealed.

“Wow so Jack was working at the Bucket List here, ” Jackie jumped in. “Was he just having a six month kind of holiday here?”

“Yeah a working holiday. Spending time with family down there and friends and so on. But yeah he was working, which was great,” Ronan replied.


So if you were at the Bucket List anytime over the past half a year and noticed someone who looked exactly like a younger version of Ronan, that was probably him!

Kyle of course had to take it to a dirty place after finding this out.

“Ploughing his way through the local lasses no doubt,” Kyle said.

“Ahh good man, good man,” laughed Ronan. Luckily he’s a good sport!

We love celebrity spotting in Sydney! And Bondi always seems to be the place to find them!

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