When it comes to parenting, everyone is always going to have different opinions. Especially when it comes to the more controversial topics.

And so when one of our listeners brought an issue to our attention from their own parenting experience, we decided to put the idea out to our listeners to find out what they thought.

The topic was about whether or not it was okay for parents to smack their children in order to discipline them when they’re in trouble.

Listener Kim called us up to tell us about an occasion that she began to question whether the punishment was right or wrong.

Kim caught her 7-year-old son with a lighter, trying to light his little sister’s hair on fire.

Her instinct was to give him a smack to teach him that this was not an okay thing to do, but her mother-in-law disagreed.

In fact, the mother-in-law, and the boy’s grandmother, began telling the son behind Kim’s back that she is not allowed to smack him.


Given the fact that the topic has caused a bit of a rift in Kim’s family situation, she wanted to get some advice from other parents out there to see what they thought about smacking.

Is is right? Is it wrong? Or does it simply depend on each specific situation and even each specific child?

Well our callers had LOTS of opinions! But some of them might surprise you… Listen to what our callers had to say in the video below.


What do you think about smacking kids? Is it right or wrong?

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