Last night we saw a new King of the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Here! Jungle crowned as none other than Richard Reid won the majority of Australia’s vote’s and as a result, the entire competition.

During his time on the show, it was really refreshing to see a vulnerable side to Richard Reid that we’d never really seen before, but it was also really entertaining to see the side of him that we do know…

…The gossiping, entertainment reporter, side to him!

And thanks to this, and probably the fact that it becomes very easy to forget that every word you’re saying is being recorded in the jungle, Richard dished on a whole bunch of industry secrets during his time in the reality competition!

Many of these secrets, such as his revelations about Ellen Degeneres and Karl Stefanovic, ended up making headlines back home while Richard was still in the jungle.


And today, speaking with Kyle and Jackie O after his win, Richard revealed that he regretted saying as much as he did on camera.

“I loved how you told everyone that Ellen was difficult,” Kyle said this morning.

“Oh come on now!” Richard exclaimed before explaining what he really meant by that statement.

“You know what, that’s what I’ve heard. I’ve got a frosty stare from her a few times, but you know, her shows a hit and good for her,” Richard continued.

But Richard Reid wasn’t as quick to defend his words about Karl Stefanovic. In fact, he expressed that he probably shouldn’t have told everyone Karl’s hair-raising secret.

“And then you told everyone about Karl Stefanovic’s hair issues,” said Kyle.


“Oh god, that was a big mistake,” Richard replied.

In case you missed it, during his time in the jungle, Richard told his fellow campmates that Karl had taken time off work to get hair plugs and he even caught him using spray on hair one time in the dressing room.

Richard told us today that at the time, he didn’t realise that this was something no one had ever spoken about before.

“Apparently people have thought it but no one said it,” he told us. “And hey, he rocked a comb-over like nobody’s business with a little bit of spray in his hair.

“Dark spray,” he added with a laugh.

“And the thing is with Karlos, you know now that I’ve looked back on it, he’s the first one to laugh at himself,” Richard also said. “I guess he wasn’t planning on laughing at that…He’ll cry all the way to the bank won’t he?”


Gosh we LOVE your honesty Richard!

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