They were the couple potentially doomed from the start, and maybe they were never given a fair chance, but as many people predicted, Sophie Monk and her Bachelor love, Stu Laundy, have called time on their romance.

Australia has banded around Sophie, in a bid to ease her though the split, which Kyle and Jackie O had a view on this morning.

‘A friend of Stu’s came out,’ Jackie said. ‘and said HE dumped HER because she parties too much and he tried to calm her down!’

‘She doesn’t party too much,’ Kyle said.

‘She does not party!’ Jackie echoed.

‘Listen, I was talking to her before Christmas, and you knew, I knew… it was tough. They weren’t getting on great,’ Kyle revealed. ‘It was tough for certain reasons,’ Jackie added.

‘To say she was a partier… I don’t know about that… I think she’s a bit like me; likes to have a wine at night, but we don’t go anywhere!’


‘She was telling me, she likes the guy, but he goes missing for days at a time… and I said, oh babe, I know what they’re doing when they’re going away for days at a time…’

‘What are they doing?’ Jackie asked.

‘Who knows, depends on what type of guy they are…’ Kyle said.

‘If my husband went away for three days at a time and I couldn’t find him, I’d be upset! Wouldn’t you? Jackie spilled.

‘I’d be upset for you!’ Kyle offered.

Hmmmm. We have a good feeling we’ll be hearing more about this one…

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