A lot of us would know that feeling of shock coupled with embarrassment when we realise we’ve been doing something wrong our whole lives.

For me, that moment came when I became aware that the little tic tac box actually has a mechanism in the lid that can help you get just one tic tac out at a time rather than tipping a whole bunch out at once like a peasant.

Mind legit blown.

But the thing that this radio host just learned that he was doing wrong for his entire life is on a whole different spectrum to any other blonde moment that a person has had in all of eternity.

This radio host just learned that he was POOING wrong his whole life. And the way he was doing it will literally shock you to your very core!

Jackie had been listening to the American Podcast The Bully And The Beast when she heard the poor guy realise that what he had been doing was oh so wrong.

“The hosts were discussing the correct way you wipe after going number 2,” Jackie explained.


“We all know how to do it and we’re basically all doing it the same.

“Not this male host. And he hasn’t even realised he’s been doing it wrong his whole life until it came up in conversation during their podcast.”

We bet you’re wondering, how on earth could he have been wiping? Jackie then went on to describe the weird method in detail.

“What he does is, and he thinks this is obviously the right way to do it and has his whole life, is he wraps the toilet paper around his hand and then as it comes out he catches the poo and drops it into the toilet,” Jackie explained, barely able to keep it together.

Yep. This guy thought for his entire life that you had to catch your business in your hand rather than just letting it go into the toilet by itself…

*Cue hysterical laughter*


But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to the moment that he found out that this wasn’t actually normal in the video above.

It’s honestly the best thing ever!

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