Kyle and Jackie O brought three best friends into the studio to give them the chance to win a holiday to London to see Anne Marie live in concert.

But Jackie said it best when this segment came on the air; sometimes three’s a crowd. Of course what we mean by this is that with three best friends there can sometimes be jealousy involved or someone might feel left out occasionally. And so we decided to put this theory to the test. *insert evil laugh* 

When the girls came into the studio they knew that they would get the chance to win the amazing prize in store, which includes four nights accommodation in London, return flights and transfers, and of course tickets to the Anne Marie concert with Ed Sheeran.

But what they didn’t know was the slightly cruel twist that we had up our sleeves. We told one of the girls that she had won the prize but she could only choose ONE of her two friends beside her to take!

But then in a double whammy of twists, the person who she doesn’t choose actually wins the prize and then gets to REALLY decide who to take with her!


We know, we know, it sounds incredibly complicated and possibly a tad cruel. But the result was completely insane and totally not what we expected!

Watch what happens when we put three best friends to the ultimate test in the video above. If you were in this situation, what would you have done?

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