We don’t mean to put it harshly, but if there’s three things that literally everyone out there should know about our very own Kyle Sandilands (because he talks about these things himself A LOT) it’s that he’s very rich, used to be homeless and his father has passed away.

Typically Kyle brings up the latter topic as a way to get sympathy from our guests or listeners, but when good friend of the Kyle and Jackie O show, John Edward, joins us it’s a different story.

That’s because John is a world famous Psychic Medium, and Kyle is adamant on getting John to connect with his late father in the spirit world.

While typically most psychic mediums who have tried have failed to speak with Kyle’s late father, including John himself, today was a different story.

This time around, as John Edward joined us in the studio, Kyle provided him with some visual material to help him out. And by that we mean some family photos that Kyle had labelled each person as either “dead” or alive”.

“I appreciate your humour,” John laughed as he looked the images over.

We then asked whether the lengths Kyle had gone to had worked and that his father was actually ready to communicate this time.


At first, it looked like it wasn’t going to be too successful, as John said he could only feel Kyle’s stepdad, to Kyle’s disappointment. After all, John has connected with his step dad many times before.

But then suddenly he felt a connection to the photo of his dad (which btw was labelled Peter, dead).

“This is your real dad?” John said, holding up the image. “Where are the twins in that family? Or the sign of Gemini?”

“I’m a Gemini,” answered Kyle immediately.

“Did you just recently have a conversation with someone around you where you said that you were concerned about the genealogy or the health care or understanding your ancestry?”

“Yes, yes,” answered Kyle.


“Okay, I think that’s your dads way of letting you know he’s around,” John revealed.

John then brought up the fact that Kyle’s dad felt as though they had mended their strained relationship before his passing, which Kyle confirmed was true.

As the reading continued, it appeared that Kyle’s dad was attempting to let him know that his slightly inappropriate humour hasn’t changed in the slightest since passing.

“What about the sports reference with the States? Or is there an out of the country, UK sports reference that you had a conversation with him about?” John asked.

Kyle thought for a moment before remembering a certain David Beckham story he’d told his dad.

“I did tell him, I saw David Beckham’s d*ck at the urinal!” Kyle exclaimed.


“I feel like I’m supposed to tease you about the conversation,” John added. “So apparently you have you dad’s personality because he would have that same personality.”

Throughout the rest of the reading, John brought up the fact that Kyle had kept one of his dad’s shirts and even knew exactly where it was kept and made mention of one of Kyle’s favourite childhood memories with his father.

You can listen to Kyle’s entire reading in the video above!

It truly is incredible to watch psychic medium John Edward work and find the most unbelievable connections!

If you want to see it in person for yourself you can buy tickets to his live show Crossing Over With John Edward here!

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