We often hear about the spookiest things when our psychic Georgina Walker joins us on the Kyle and Jackie O show! And today was no different.

Listener Amy called up this morning to get some advice from GG after her and her family had both seen and heard spirits inside their house.

And when we say that they’ve heard the spirits, we don’t mean that they’ve been slamming doors or banging the pots and pans together in the kitchen.

No, Amy told us that she’s heard the spirits having actual conversations with each other!

“I have both heard and seen spirits in my house,” Amy told us. “The things I hear, they’re like conversations about how their day’s been.”

“[They’re] legible conversations like, they would be talking about how the weather was great and so sunny when it’s pouring outside.”

Spooky right?! Amy wanted Georgina’s help to find out why the spirits are in her house and how she can help them to move on.


And according to Georgina, it seems like these sprits aren’t actually strangers!

“Has somebody passed over in the last five to six years?” GG asked.

“Both my grandparents have,” Amy revealed.

“That’s my feeling, that it was somebody connected to your home that had died in that period of time… they’re attracted to the people in the home because they know where that home is,” Georgina explained.

She also reassured Amy that it didn’t seem like the spirits were there for any sort of malicious reason and advised Amy to seek help from a medium so that she can communicate with them.

“I didn’t get a bad feeling about it… Just remember spirits aren’t necessarily interested in everything that you do they just come to feel where there’s familiarity and there may be joy and they know the people there.


“I get a good feeling not a bad feeling at all.”

As for speaking to the spirits she said, “it’s just like radio frequencies. You tune in… And it’s the same with a medium they’ve got higher vibrations so they can actually tune in to that.”

Kyle thought that there should be an easier way to communicate with the spirit world.

“You’d think Apple would come up with an app where we could actually communicate properly,” he said.

Better get on that one Apple! The iSpirit could be very popular!

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