Psychic to the stars Georgina Walker is usually in the studio with Kyle and Jackie O to give predictions and advice to our listeners but for her first appearance on the show for 2019 the tables were turned.

Georgina also gave both Kyle and Jackie predictions for their future this morning and they couldn’t have been any more polar opposite.

For Jackie, Georgina said that she could see a Beyonce inspired reading.

But no we don’t think it’s because Jackie’s suddenly going to get better with the dance moves (we’ve all seen her twerking). Georgina said she could see someone putting a ring on it!

“There is, you know that song by Beyonce, um, ‘Put A Ring On It’?” Georgina began. (For those playing at home, that song is ‘Single Ladies’)

“You will remarry again,” she continued. “Because I hear to song…John Paul Young’s ‘Love Is In The Air’ but I saw Kitty, eleven, as a bridesmaid.”

Well that certainly was a bombshell for Jacks! Especially considering that’s only three years away… But that wasn’t the biggest part of Jackie’s prediction!


Georgina continued to say that the guy in question isn’t going to be some unknown person. He’s a celebrity!

“Is he a known person or an unknown person?” asked Kyle.

“No, known,” she replied.

Now she wouldn’t give us an actual name but she did describe the lucky fella. “I have a feeling. I get the vibe. Still has that kind of wholesome look about them…That’s what she’s attracted to.”

Well, while Jackie could be heading down the aisle it seems that Kyle might just be heading to the hospital with Georgina’s prediction for our shock jock being much more dire.

“Gallbladder. I think you’re going to have gallbladder problems,” Georgina explained.


And unfortunately things just continued to get worse from there.

“The only other thing that I’m really worried about is a boating incident and I can smell diesel or petrol and you’re going to have to jump off the boat,” she continued.

“Oh for god’s sake,” replied Kyle.

“Your prediction sucks!” laughed Jackie.

Well that’s the way it goes with predictions we guess! They’re not always going to be all butterflies and rainbows.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see whether they actually come true or not!


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