It’s that time of year that all footy fans go nuts for – State Of Origin!

The rivalry between Queensland and New South Wales kicks off again tonight with Game I set to go down at 8PM.

As both sides prepare to face off following the big win from NSW last year, the one thing that we’re focusing on is who’s going to win.

Now, while we could predict this by looking at the training techniques of each teams, the skills of each player and betting odds etc. etc. but everyone should know by now that we on the Kyle and Jackie O Show don’t really keep up with the latest sporting stats.

So instead we decided to get the opinion of our actual psychic, Georgina Walker!

“Who’s going to win tonight?” Beau Ryan asked Georgina this morning.

Georgina too admitted that she doesn’t really follow the NRL, but after some persistence she decided to give an answer.


And can we just say, we’ve certainly witnessed some of Georgina Walker’s predictions coming true in the past!

This is what she predicted:

“I reckon it will be blue,” she said. “But I don’t normally do football.”


Although maybe GG was just telling us what we wanted to hear to get herself out of the situation…

Ehh either way we’ll take that as a good sign for our NSW boys tonight!


Ray Warren on the other hand, who is a legendary commentator in the NRL, told us on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning that he’s backing the Maroons! He’s no psychic though… (Just a guy with a bunch of footy knowledge lol).

Who will you be backing in the Origin tonight? 

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