Celebrity psychic Georgina Walker can certainly hear wedding bells when it comes to our very own Jackie O!

Last time we spoke with Kyle and Jackie O’s psychic GG about Jackie’s relationship status she told us that Jackie wouldn’t stay single for all too long!

In fact, she predicted that Jackie would one day remarry to a celebrity fella!

“You will remarry again,” Georgina told Jackie at the time.

She didn’t say all too much at the time, but today when GG was back in studio to give psychic predictions to our listeners Jackie asked for a little bit more information.

This is when Georgina predicted how the engagement between Jackie and her new man would go down and when exactly she would officially tie the knot with him.

“There will be another ring offered to you,” Georgina told Jackie on air this morning.


But apparently Jackie won’t actually accept right away.

“I think you’ll push it back because the message is too controversial, too out there, public relations,” GG continued.

“Because of who the person is, what people will say, the gossip columnists, things like that.”

But this won’t last all too long and Jackie will eventually walk down the aisle!

“But you’ll eventually cave in and I feel by 2023 you’ll be married again.”

That only gives Jackie a few years to find and fall in love with Mr right! As for who the mystery man is, Georgina still wouldn’t give us much information.


From her previous description we know that he’s a celebrity with a rather wholesome look. Today she told us that he is also very athletic!

“Jackie likes a particular style,” GG said. “I do tend to think a more muscular than poor Lee, more muscular, into fitness.

“That’s enough for this time, we’ll do more the next show,” GG concluded.

Well looks like we’ll have to keep jotting down the clues and wait to find out more!

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