Well there goes Intern Pete embarrassing us again. Don’t you think we’d learn and stop sending him to these important shindigs?

Apparently not because we just sent Pete down to Bondi Beach to try and get an exclusive with the royals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and it ended up going downhill FAST!

Pete was trying to get Prince Harry’s attention when all of a sudden the British royal actually started telling Pete off! And of course, it was all caught on camera.

You might remember earlier this week that Intern Pete actually caught up with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the Opera House. Pete was certain that Prince Harry would remember him seeing as he’s met him twice before when the royal has travelled to Australia, but instead this happened: 

And so we guess the one positive thing that Intern Pete can take from today’s experience with the royals is that Prince Harry definitely knows who he is now…The downside? Let’s just say that Prince Harry is definitely not a fan.


In the audio Pete can be heard calling out to Prince Harry trying to get his attention as he greets a crowd of royal fans.

“Hey Harry, Harry, Harry, it’s Intern Pete again!” shouts Pete excitedly as the Duke of Sussex approaches.

Then, through the shouts of the crowd, Prince Harry’s voice can be heard saying in response, “You shouldn’t be here”. Oh dear…But things continued to go downhill from there.

Pete later told Kyle and Jackie O that after Harry told him that he shouldn’t be there, he was quickly shooed away by security.

“After Harry told me off…it didn’t end well this morning. I’ve had to leave pretty quickly because once he said that…some other security guards came up and said ‘Why are you here again? This is for the public not the media’.”

Oh poor Pete. He means well and he tries hard but these sort of things just never seem to go to plan for him.


Well at least Prince Harry remembers you Pete! But we highly doubt that you’ll ever be able to get close to him again for an “exclusive”…

Watch the footage of Harry going off at Pete in the video above.

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